Contented Cats

Cattery Services

Contented CatsAttention and Care

We provide personal loving care and attention with regular stroking, playing and talking to just as he/she would get at home and also provide radio at all times during the day.


We will endeavour to provide the food your cat usually eats at home but do ask you to provide food if your cat has a very special diet. There is no need to bring water or food dishes as these are provided by us.


Bedding is provided although you can bring along any bedding you wish to, this is a good idea as it has a familiar smell from home and helps him/her settle in quickly although a towel will do the same job.


We will groom your cat daily unless you specify not to. A familiar brush or comb from home is useful although we do have a supply here.


You are most welcome to bring any toys that you wish, although if you forget we do have a selection for use in each unit.


Every cat staying with us must have a current vaccination against cat ‘flu and feline enteritis and we are required by law to keep the vaccination certificate on site during your cat’s stay with us.

Also, due to new regulations all cats must have been treated for worms and fleas and be protected for the duration of their stay. We will need to see proof of this by means of a Vets stamp on your cats record card or a recent receipt from your pets supplier.

Useful Tips

Contented CatsWe would recommend that you keep your cat indoors in plenty of time before starting your journey, as many like to go off exploring making it difficult to get them in and making you stressed, just before you set off. Many cats associate the carry box with a visit to the vets, which can be a stressful time for them, so it might be best to keep the carry box out of sight until your cat is secure indoors.

Some cats do not travel well and can mess their carry box, thus making the journey uncomfortable for both you and your pet. If you wish, remove all food 12 hours before the journey time, this may cut down on mess, but as always make sure there is plenty of fresh water available. They will then receive food on arrival with us.

On your cat’s first stay with us you will be asked to fill out a simple registration card, this is mainly for emergency numbers and your vet’s name and telephone number. Please allow a little extra time for this.

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